Teams asked to avoid celebrations "involving close physical contact"

October 01, 2020

Social distancing signage at Holycross GAA club in Tipperary. ©INPHO/James Crombie.

With fourteen county senior finals taking place around the country this weekend, emotions are bound to be running high.

The GAA has delivered an updated review of Covid-19 guidelines to county boards in line with the advice of the NPHET.

All teams and those involved with them are being urged to avoid shaking hands with others and celebrations "involving close physical contact."

There should be no team huddles before, during and after games while team photographs are discouraged "unless in seated area conforming to social distancing."

Also players are asked to observe social distancing during interviews and jerseys should not be swapped.

GAA memo to county boards

As part of our policy of reviewing our Covid restrictions on an ongoing basis and following engagement with NPHET, we are requesting that all of our units actively discourage huddles before, during and after games in the days and weeks ahead.

We are also asking for all of our teams to avoid the following:

  • Team photographs (unless in seated area conforming to social distancing)
  • Shaking hands with other players and personnel
  • Celebrations and commiserations involving close physical contact

Players are also expected to:

  • Follow Public Health Advice with respect to personal hygiene and etiquette
  • Social distance from broadcasters if and when being interviewed
  • Refrain from swapping their shirts
  • Avoid congregating in indoor areas or passing through pitch-side tunnels at the same time as opponents.

These guidelines should be discussed with all teams who are still involved in competitions.

We appreciate the challenges some of these restrictions pose but as public health measures and as part of GAA efforts to tackle the spread of the virus, compliance is crucial.

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