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Replying To macca999:  "Thankfully the right man is in charge now who gets the meaning of championship and can stop the All Ireland Series dwindling deeper into the mud"
Is he going to end the Munster Hurling round Robin?
Not on yer nelly...€€€

Seanfanbocht (Roscommon) - Posts: 1597 - 17/06/2024 12:01:51    2552288


For context Munster played a home URC Quarter Final and Semi Final over the past 2 weekends.

The Quarter Final drew 14k and the Semi Final barely made 20k.

Munster were also the defending champions, both games played in Thomond Park.

That is a team representing 6 counties in a sport that is on the crest of a wave. Through that lens I don't think the football championship game attendances were that bad.

Sure Dublin home games have been really poor all year. That was the one the GAA could hang their hat on for years and it is a definite blow to the association to see those figures collapse.

I don't have figures but the crowds in Portlaoise and Markievicz park looked healthy. 5,127 for Donegal Clare was impressive, Clare knew they weren't winning this and don't travel for football these days, 5k traveling Donegal support is impressive.

No alarmism about Cavan Roscommon only drawing 4k. Both teams have had lost 3 championship games and fans know they are not going much further in the competition.

I was surprised Mayo and the Dubs didn't sell out. Mayo regularly bring over 10k to league games and 30k to Croke Park. i thought finally getting a championship shot at the Dubs out of Croke Park, they'd sell this out on their own.

All in all though, i thought the group games went better than expected interest and attendance wise.

dahayeser (Cork) - Posts: 349 - 17/06/2024 12:09:58    2552292