An Offaly success story in Liverpool

Circumstances outside of his own control dictated that Damien Brickland left Offaly in his fledgling years but he has never lost touch with his roots in Ballycommon and the Faithful County.

Managing Director of EuroGold Group, one of the premier civil engineering groundworks contractors in the North West region of England, Liverpool is Damien’s adopted home.

Born on November 15th, 1955, to Bill and Christina Brickland, Damien has fond memories of his early childhood.

“I went to school in Ballingar and life could not have been happier. My favourite times were my trips into Tullamore on market day.

“I also had two great friends among many, Paddy and Hughie Daly who became like brothers to me and still are.

“Unfortunately my time in my beloved Ballycommon came to a sudden end when sadly and suddenly my mum passed away and I thought my life had ended as well.

“It was decided that the house would be sold and we would move to England. I could not believe this was happening but it did, the house was sold, but luckily it was sold to the Daley family. It couldn’t have gone to anybody better.

“I started life in Liverpool, where I moved from family to family, not really settling anywhere. I fell in love with Liverpool and the people and enjoyed a very full and active life playing football for Liverpool schoolboys and progressed to become a very good amateur, playing at a high level.

“I also had the pleasure of playing at the famous Anfield Stadium, the home of my favourite team.”

Career wise, through hard work and commitment, Damien has worked his way up the ladder.

“I started my working life as a trainee engineer for George Wimpey. As every Irish man and boy did there I progressed to engineer and then senior engineer.

“I then got a position working for a Mayo man called Tony Killoran (Killoran Civil Engineering) which was a major step in my development to manage and help run a business.

“He was a hard but fair man and we became very close, both in and outside business. It was about this time I met the love of my life who was soon to become my wife Sheila.

“I know it’s a cliche but it was really love at first sight. My ambition became stronger and I decided to start my own company. In the meantime, our first girl Emma, arrived, soon to be followed by Shoonagh and finally Clare.

“I started Damien Brickland Site Preparation Ltd which grew to be out of the most successful and largest ground works contractors in the north west of England.

“Unfortunately Site Preparation fell foul to the major recession in the late 1980s. I then had to pick myself up. I had no money, no house, but luckily had an amazing, loyal and strong wife and three beautiful daughters. I would not lie down and be beaten. After working for a few local firms, my ambition was as strong as ever. I wanted a better life for my young family, so firmly focussed on the future, Eurogold was created with myself as MD.

“Eurogold has become the north west of England’s leading contractor with a turnover of £14.5 million and employs a 120 strong workforce.

“I am extremely proud to have three beautiful daughters, am amazing wife and two adorable grandsons, Sean and Thomas. I am also very proud to be an Offaly man and have the privilege to sponsor the Offaly team, the Faithful county as we say back home. Up Offaly!”