National - Donegal for Sam 2017

Been really impressed by Donegal this year look the best of the Ulster sides and our meet with them next will tell us a lot of where we are going.

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Replying To jimbodub:  "Bang of Roscommon 2016 off Donegal's league run

Just my opinion"
I have to disagree. Yes similar in that there is no doubt that Donegal overall are fitter than alot of sides like the Rossies were last year but more based on circumstance than design. Donegal have had a large turn around of players meaning you have alot of young guys coming into the set up. These lads have a point to prove hence their fitness levels are going to be high. The more established players were and are someway from full fitness but building towards the championship. The Rossies were all trained to high fitness level with a clear view to the league which meant their championship campaign faltered. Now maybe this will happen to Donegal too but I doubt it. I think you will see another titanic struggle with Tyrone and even if Donegal do lose that semi final you are left with a hungry bunch of young players who will be eager to do well in the qualifiers. What Donegal have that Roscommon did not is the high level caliber of players like Michael Murphy, Ryan McHugh, Frank McGlynn and Neil McGee. These are proven top top players to aid and compliment the younger ones coming in.

As for AI contenders who knows. I have my doubts but happy to be now feeling optimistic rather than pessimistic. There are very clear signs that the management are developing and learning from past mistakes and I hope this continues. Leaving players inside is a positive and makes the side a bit less predictable. Of course the true test will come in the heat of battle during the summer. Then we will see if there is more dimensions to Donegal's game. What does please me is that the younger players are showing real promise and that the media driven 'old legs, old team' can be put to bed. Roll on Wednesday for another very big game for the county.

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Thompson looks some player, things look very healthy up in Donegal.

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Ah lads, behave yourselves! A few weeks ago we were relegation candidates in many people's eyes. All the talk was about transition and blending the young bucks in. It never ceases to amaze me, year on year people losing the run of themselves after a few decent results in the spring. Yes the league has taken on more significance in recent years but championship is where it's really at. Until these young lads have come through a few serious championship tests, for example potentially beating Tyrone in the semi final, and then perhaps Monaghan in an Ulster final then we're still very much in the dark as to what our true credentials are.

That said they're doing all that could be asked of them and more. Winning breeds confidence and you can see the players growing into it week on week. The older lads are getting fitter also and let's face it, when Paddy McGrath is swinging over points from improbable angles then you're doing something right!

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