National - Attendances 2017

Over 7,000 at the Armagh County Final

cuchulainn35 (Armagh) - Posts:1462 - 17/10/2017 10:26:03   2055693


Replying To Jack_Goff:  "I was very impressed with the Cork support in round 1 vs tipp. A lot of doom and gloom surrounding them but the fans turnout out big time. And their turnouts against Waterford, clare and Waterford again were all very impressive.

It's a pity more counties like tipp, Waterford, clare and limerick don't have cities the size of Cork. Every munster championship match would be sold out if they did."
Limerick bring big support to every match. They brought over 40 000 to an All Ireland semi v Clare a few years ago. I'd say we are in the top 3 supported hurling teams in Ireland

bloodyban (Limerick) - Posts:714 - 17/10/2017 11:10:00   2055705