National - Dark Horses Football Championship 2017

Replying To gormdubhgorm:  "That is not a bad call at all.
They were decent in the league along with thier fellow ulster-men monaghan.
Donegal surprised me full of youthful exuberance and skill.

The team I will be watching the closest as a Neutral is Tipp, they are getting more experience and fear no one.

Galway will probably improve this year, but they have not got enough experience yet.

Tipp for me if that counts as surprise?"
teams will be more wary of tipp,so if they do get to the last 4 again,yes think it would be a surprise.

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i think the final ultimately will be dublin v kerry.but along the way there may be a few mild shocks. roscommon avoid galway and mayo in connacht,they should make a connacht day in the sun?im thinking mcstay will be peaking them for that day.they may do it. in ulster i feel people are underestimating monaghan.they arnt as reliant as they were over the last few years on conor mcmanus for scores.they have the easier side. a mild surprise maybe if they win ulster but maybe not to themselves!! leinster same old same old.a few intresting local derbys etc but dublin will win it in 2nd gear. munster will be cork v kerry in the new pairc.the gaa will ensure a sell out to show case it in all its finery. if the semi with tipp and cork is close near the end expect a few controversial calls!!

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Replying To Mayonman:  "I think everyone agrees with the favorites Dublin, Kerry and Mayo given how close they have come last year. Outside of that who could cause an upset, get to a semi final or a final?

Remember Down a few years back? No one saw that coming. It's amazing how one shock puts a big gun in the opposite side of the draw leaving a relatively straight forward path to a final. Last year if Galway beat Tipp they would have only Mayo standing in front of them having already beaten them.....yes they would be outsiders but they as they proved very winnable.

I like the look of Monaghan. they have to win a lot of games with their draw but I think they are games they should be winning and will actually prepare them better for an Ulster final than weeks off training. Probably have Dublin in a semi final if they progress....

What do ye think???"
Monaghan 100 percent biggest upsetter I see this year. I'd put a few euro on them for Ulster. Even a semi final spot. Possibly a final with a huge bit of luck if it was against maybe Mayo on a dodgy day.

Tipp again. Quarter even a semi again if they play to their full potential. Really like their forwards. Very fast team from defence to attack. Great on the counter in my opinion.

Louth/Wexford have had decent leagues would be doing very well to be anywhere near the quarters

May mention the neighbours Donegal look alright too. Although I see them much the same as last year except more youthful -a growth season so no shocks with them.

Galway- Quarter final - semi if they can get a little momentum and upset one of the top 4 or so by beating ourselves or Mayo in the later stages.

Only real big upsetter i see are Monaghan; really believe they are a serious outfit this seasons. More than likely not enough to lift Sam but I'd stick three euro on them at 40/1 considering Donegal are 20/1 I see absolutely nothing between them and ourselves are 9/1 which baffles me considering we bet scrapped by Donegal last year had an average league and haven't been doing anything more than either of those other two.

So for me Monaghan and maybe Galway are the two upsetters; along with Tipp. Although of these three I see the most potential in terms of talent with Tipp if they could get themselves together perfectly.

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What is the point in this football championship. Teams getting hammered and will be same for a few more weeks. It's time the GAA put a proper championship in place leaving weaker teams to themselves.
The nation league is now the competition to watch.

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