National - Derry vs Tyrone

If there is going to be a backlash from Derry after being relegated than this is the game to do it. Unfortunately I have no idea were a Derry performance that can beat Tyrone is going to come from. Some of their players will need to have the game of there lives such as Chris Bradley, Lynch and Kielt while hoping Rogers and McKaigue play like they did in the club semi final this year!! Derry need to be tight at the back, the 6 backs need to hold their shape especially in the first half if they want to be in with a chance of winning.

Tyrone on the other hand need to forget about last years game as this one will be completely different. Derry are not going to let them run riot again and I fell that this is a game that will go for 55-60 mins before Tyrones bench and experience sees them pull away. One thing to note is Derry on paper probably have the better array of scoring forwards and the lack of a consistent scoring forward for Tyrone will make this into a real battle for the 55-60mins.

Jackos_Wacko (Kerry) - Posts:410 - 26/05/2017 16:01:26   1991068


I see a similar game to the two Ulster games of last week, only maybe a bit of a smaller winning margin. Competitive enough for the first half before Tyrone pull away in the second half and win by 6 or 7.

patk (Monaghan) - Posts:500 - 26/05/2017 16:15:18   1991075