Murphy always proving himself

19 May 2017

Donegal's Michael Murphy.
©INPHO/Ryan Byrne.

Donegal captain Michael Murphy believes that he has to go out and prove himself every time he trains or plays for the county.

Murphy could be forgiven for resting on his laurels somewhat given his stature in the game, but the Donegal skipper stressed to the Donegal Democrat every time he takes to the field, he feels he has to prove himself.

On Sunday, Murphy will lead Donegal out against Antrim in the Ulster SFC and he stated that no matter who he faces, the attitude is always the same, which gives you some indication into what makes him such a great player.

“It's no different from any other game,” said Murphy. “Just like training, we all have to go out there and prove ourselves over and over again,” said Murphy.

“Whether that's in training for the Tyrones and the Dublins of this world or Antrim next Sunday. Every single time you pull on a Donegal jersey you have to prove yourself. You're not going to win a game in modern football without that.

“The way teams are set up, the way they are organised nowadays they are going to be at the races and they are going to have that patch in any given game.”

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